Meta’s independent watchdog that oversees online social media content has ruled that the company should flag fake posts instead of removing them.

In connection with a fake video of US President Joe Biden, the Supervisory Board ruled that he was not properly removed from Meta as he did not violate its policy regarding the issue of manipulation.

However, he calls its policy “incoherent” and should be broadened beyond its scope ahead of the election year.

A Meta spokesperson told the BBC that “considers” the “opinion”. “We will publicly respond to their recommendations within 60 days in accordance with regulations,” it said.

The Supervisory Board requested that there be a label on fake stuff on Facebookparticularly if it cannot be removed due to a specific policy violation.

Sam Gregory, executive director of human rights group Witness, said the platform should have an adaptive policy to deal with so-called “cheap fakes” as well as material created or modified by artificial intelligence, but without intervention this is too restrictive and risks removing satire or content that has been modified with artificial intelligence and is not designed to be misleading.