Google pulled the plugfor now, in the platform image generator Artificial Intelligence Gemini, as it appeared to avoid creating images of white people, even of well-known personalities, in what appeared to be an attempt at inclusivity and racial diversity based on evidence on social media.

The tech giant has announced that it will shut down Gemini’s image generator until it is ready an “enhanced” version.

Google started offering image creation through Gemini AI earlier this month. However, in recent times, some users on social media have noticed that the model shows ahistorical images, such as black and Asian/Asian Nazi soldiers, Popes as Popes, Teutonic knights as Asians, or historical figures also being portrayed as black, with many users to talk about racism, this time against white people.


“We know that Gemini offers inaccuracies in some renderings of creating historical images,” Google announced.

“We are already working to address recent issues with Gemini’s imaging capability,” he added in a post on X on Thursday. “We will stop creating images of people and will re-release an improved version soon.”

“I’m glad Google overdid it by creating images with artificial intelligence, as it made its insanely racist, countercultural programming clear to everyone,” Elon Musk mocked in a post on X.

A picture of Gemini results promising