On July 1, 1976, 48 years ago, two young men founded a company that would soon become a technology giant in a garage in Los Altos, California.

Steve Jobs and Steven Wozniak introduced the world to Apple – with the bitten apple logo – and its first product: the Apple I computer.

The Apple I, Bozniak’s creation, was widely accepted as the world’s first complete personal computer.

A year later, in April 1977, Apple also announced the Apple II (again designed and built by Bosniak) which for many years remained the company’s main revenue driver.

The Apple II won over millions of users who until then did not have access to computers with pioneering programs for the time.

Wozniak permanently ended his full-time relationship with Apple on February 6, 1987, twelve years after he founded the company. But he remains her partner with an estimated annual salary of $120,000, and of course he is a shareholder of Apple.

Apple’s board of directors decided to “exile” company co-founder Steve Jobs in 1986.

Wozniak maintained good relations with Steve Jobs until the latter’s death on October 5, 2011, although according to Wozniak (since 2006) what united them was not a close friendship.

The company today, led by Tim Cook, is the most cultured company in the world with Microsoft in second place