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Greece and 55 other countries set rules for the operation of the internet


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The United States and 55 other countries today signed a political declaration promoting Internet-based, pro-democracy regulations at a time when Washington has accused Moscow of interfering with the Internet in the wake of escalating attacks in Ukraine.

This political commitment, which is called “Proclamation for the Future of the Internet“- the first such attempt – protects human rights, promotes the free flow of information, protects the privacy of users and sets the rules for a growing global digital economy to deal with what two Biden government officials described as a “dangerous new model” of internet policy by countries such as Russia and China.

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The United States is experiencing a global trend of growing digital totalitarianism with countries such as Russia cracking down on freedom of expression, censoring independent news websites, interfering in elections, promoting misinformation, and depriving citizens of other human rights. .

Since invading Ukraine, Russia has carried out cyber-attacks – including a cyber-piracy on a satellite Internet network at the beginning of the invasion.

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Biden government officials said the new effort was not an attempt to tackle cyber warfare.

The declaration is a modified version of the White House’s efforts over the past year to rally a coalition of democracies around a vision for a free and open Internet.

Participating countries other than the US include Australia, Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Ukraine.

The initiative will be unveiled online today at the White House by Biden’s National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan.

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