Kim Kardashian is in love again – Who is her new partner


For a long time, rumors had started that wanted Kim Kardashian to finally turn a page in her life and now, to be in a relationship with 28-year-old comedian Pete Davidson.

Although she took a while to reveal the truth, she finally did it through her recent appearances and now, the two of them are considered the new hot couple of showbiz.

The two, who met on “Saturday Night Live”, went public for the first time during their visit to Knott’s Berry Farm for the celebration of Halloween and then, little by little, they began to appear more and more.

Recently, the couple was seen holding hands during their walk and in this way, they confirmed their relationship.

And while the two declare themselves full in love, their close environment believes that their relationship is somewhat special. However, speaking to Page Six, a Pete colleague said that “when you hear about love, I imagine you should feel happy. If, of course, it’s really about love. They seem to be having a great time. I am always happy when he is happy too “, while a person from the close environment of the teleperson referring to her said:” He has started to play. Pete makes her feel like the clock turned 20 years ago. She finally looks happy. “



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