Tra in Tsavousoglou: Bypassing Russian blockade in the Black Sea

Tra in Tsavousoglou: Bypassing Russian blockade in the Black Sea

Violent attack by the British Foreign Secretary on Russia. He accused Moscow of using food security as a “painless tool of war”.

London, Thanasis Gavos

THE UK Foreign Secretary Liz Trass said from Ankara where she met with him in the morning Turkish counterpart of Mevlüt Çavuşoλουlu how the Ukrainian grain export crisis must be resolved within the next monthotherwise there will be “disastrous consequences” for the whole world.

Ms. Tra said in the joint press conference with her host that they discussed the issue and the cooperation on it, as well as Turkey has a very important role to play to play in this endeavor.

The minister said that Britain offers its own know-how with ideas to bypass the Russian blockade of the Black Seanoting however that “An international effort will be required.”

He accused Russia of that “Uses hunger as a weapon” and food security as “Painless tool of war”. As he added, Russia “Stops the export of 20 million tons of grain worldwide, holding the world hostage”.

He made it clear to the British Government that Merchant ships must have safe passage through Ukrainian ports. He added that London supports the relevant efforts of the United Nations “But Russia can not be allowed to delay and hinder”.

Mr. Tsavousoglou said that Ankara is taking complaints seriously that Ukrainian grain has been stolen from the Russians and assured that Turkey will not allow stolen grain from any country to reach Turkey.

The two foreign ministers also discussed deepening and expanding bilateral co-operation in areas such as trade, defense and security, technology, agriculture and services, Liz Tras said.

The British Foreign Secretary also conveyed to Mr. Tsavousoglou London’s full support for Sweden and Finland in NATO. The Turkish Foreign Minister commented that the next NATO summit is not “As expiration date” for the decision on the accession of the two countries and that certain criteria must be met.

A visit to Ankara is being made today by United Kingdom Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace. Issues of regional security and bilateral military cooperation are expected to be discussed in his contacts, with possible talks on Turkish Eurofighter Typhoon fighter market.

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