I was in shock after the incident on April 35 (Photo: Getty Images)

Three men have been charged with robbing former world boxing champion Amir Khan with a gun.

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A sports star and his wife, Farial McDumi, were crossing a street in the London Borough of Leyton when the two men approached.

At the time of the April incident, the gun was allegedly pointed at Khan’s face, and he was ordered to be given a watch worth 00071,000.

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At the time, a former boxer wrote on Twitter: “I picked up my watch with a gunshot in Layton’s East London. I walked across the road with Farial, luckily he was a few steps behind.

“The main thing is that we are both safe.”

According to the Metropolitan, Ahmed Bana (25), Nooruru Amin (24) and Dante Campbell (20) will appear at the Thames Magistrates Court.

Bana from Hale Gardens in north London was charged with robbery and possession of simulated firearms.

Amin from Cavendish Road in north London was charged with a robbery plot.

Amir Khan and Farial McDumi join Ultimate Boxer 5

Amir Khan’s wife, Farial, said the incident “upset her stomach” (Photo: Getty Images).

Campbell, also from Denmark Road, also in north London, was charged with robbery and possession of simulated firearms.

It is said that he had weapons “for fear of violence” and had firearms without a license.

Detective Sgt. Lee Warrington confirmed the Mets Crime Squad arrest.

He states, “Fighting theft is a top priority for policing, and these arrests show our commitment to robbing our city of violence and the threat of violence.”

After the April incident, Khan’s wife, Farial, wrote on Instagram that the incident “made her sick to her stomach.”

The couple had just left the Sahara Grill restaurant when they were ambushed.

Earlier in the day, a photo of Khan with his fans was posted online, clearly showing the Olympic medalist’s shiny watch.

No shots were fired during the incident.

At the time, the 35-year-old told MailOnline: You’re not in London and you don’t expect to be hit with a gun and robbed. This happens in the US, but not in the UK.

I was lucky to live and wanted to hug my wife and children as soon as the thieves escaped.

“I couldn’t accept it because I was thinking about my family, because if it was like that, I would die.”

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