Czech Republic: A … paradoxical burglar – He enters houses and watches sleeping tenants


He watches the occupants as they sleep – sometimes he even steals something.

Czech police are looking for a man who breaks into homes at night and watches occupants as they sleep – sometimes stealing something.

“The footage from the security cameras of the houses clearly shows that the perpetrator does not care at all about the presence of people,” said Jan Ribanski, a Prague police spokesman. “On the contrary, we could say that he is literally looking for such houses,” where there are people inside, he added.

So far, seven such incidents have been recorded, but it is believed that the man has entered other houses without being noticed. “In one case, the suspect was sitting on the bed next to the 9-year-old daughter of the homeowner, who was sleeping in the children’s room and did not understand anything,” Ribanski said.

Some cameras recorded the perpetrator moving inside houses while their owners had woken up. “In order not to disturb, he locks himself in a room or on a floor, searches and then leaves the house,” police said.

The suspect is 55-60 years old and is limping. He broke into houses mainly in the Prague area, in fact one of them broke into it twice in one year.

If convicted and found guilty, he could face up to three years in prison.

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