Restricted abortion rights will take effect immediately in US states (Image: AP)

A 6-week-old, 10-year-old girl was denied an abortion under strict new US abortion rules.

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Ohio changed the law hours after Roe v. Wade, making it illegal to end it six weeks later.

Three days later, the girl who became pregnant as a result of rape went to a state hospital.

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According to, a child abuse doctor found her pregnant, but was unable to do anything.

The baby had to be shipped across the state line to the neighboring state of Indiana. Indiana still has a more liberal abortion regime.

But even the most vulnerable women and girls could soon be shut down, as state legislatures across the country are poised to severely restrict access to abortion, led by Ohio.

When the Supreme Court struck down 50 years of federal protection against abortion rights, 13 states enacted “registration bans.”

Anti-abortion protesters overturned the groundbreaking Roe v.  Wade in Washington, USA on June 24, 2022, when the court ruled on the abortion case Dobbs v.  Jackson Health Organization Congratulations outside the US Supreme Court.Reuters/Evelyn Hoxtine

Abortion rights have been a highly political debate in the US for decades (Image: Reuters).

These states have passed legislation ready to proceed within 30 days of the possible overthrow of Roe v. Wade, primarily in the western and southern United States.

The state government has postponed it until the summer, but some have hinted that it might call a special session to ban abortion.

About half of all states are expected to ban or severely limit the right to abortion.

Ohio laws, similar to those proposed in other states, prohibit abortion after initial detection of fetal heart activity.

This usually occurs within 6 weeks of pregnancy, before many women find out they are pregnant.

Such legislation has been promoted by politicians and anti-selection activists for years, but was blocked by the courts while the protection of Roe v. Wade.

People in front of the US Consulate during a protest after the US Supreme Court ruled on an abortion on June 29, 2022, overturning the Dobbs v. Dobbs abortion decision.  Jackson in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Reuters/Chris Helgren

About half of all states are expected to ban or severely restrict access to abortion (Image: Reuters)

Some democracies responded by strengthening their abortion rights following a court decision, such as opening the door to women who need to travel for an abortion.

New Jersey has introduced a law designed to allow women who travel to the state to seek an abortion without fear of prosecution or civil suit in their own country.

The New York Senate has approved a bill to amend the state Constitution to codify abortion and contraceptive rights.

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