Ukraine for Israeli Iron Dome – ‘It doesn’t do for Russian missiles’


The Ukrainian Defense Minister denied what the Ukrainian ambassador to Israel had said recently. What changed.

A sharp “turn” seems to do it Kyiv regarding the procurement of the Israeli anti-missile defense system known as “Iron Dome” (Iron Dome).

THE Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Oleksii Reznikov stated that his country does not need the Israeli system, reversing what he had said Ambassador of Kyiv to Israel Yevgen Korniychukas transmitted by Jerusalem Post.

In June, the Ukrainian diplomat said that Kyiv wanted to buy the air defense system saying: “We need Israeli help… I mean we need military – technical support. We need the Iron Dome…. It will allow us to save civilian women and children from Russian missiles being fired into our territory.”

But yesterday Saturday, the Ukrainian Minister of Defense emphasized speaking at a Forbes conference that the Iron Dome not suitable for Ukraine.

“We all know the Israeli example, which protects the airwaves quite well. We all know the name Iron Dome but even that does not provide 100% protection. We actually went to Israel and talked to the manufacturers and their state-owned enterprises.” Reznikov said. He added that the Israeli system is designed to protect against slow, low-altitude and low-power missiles which are usually made in a garage.

“Iron Dome cannot protect against cruise missiles and ballistic missiles,” he stressed.

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