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They are exempt from Putin’s conscription – What the Russian Ministry of Defense announced


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It is recalled that approximately 300,000 citizens will be called to fight in Ukraine

As the “partial conscription” announced by Vladimir Putin continues in Russia, the country’s defense ministry has published a number of occupations that will be exempted.

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IT workers, bankers and journalists working for state media are exempt, according to the BBC.

It is recalled that approximately 300,000 citizens will be called to fight in Ukraine.

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According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, employers must draw up a list of workers who meet the criteria for conscription and submit it to the relevant agency. However, he accepted that some sectors needed to be exempted to “ensure the work of certain high-tech industries, as well as Russia’s financial system.”

At the same time, the traffic mainly at the border crossing between Russia and Georgia continues to be increased as since last Wednesday and after Putin’s speech several men are trying to leave the country.

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