Erdogan made a “sea” of them: He published the wrong table about the fall of Tripoli – See photos


Instead of a painting from the fall of Tripolitsa, he published a work from the battle of 1716

A traction error was committed by Recep Tayyip Erdogan in his attempt to provoke Greece once again.

The Turkish president tweeted a picture of the fall of Tripoli, calling it a “massacre”.

Except that the painting had absolutely nothing to do with Tripolitsa but it was the Battle of Petrovaradi from 1716, a work by George Philipp Rugendas.

The specific observation was made by “Charalampos of Thessaloniki” on twitter who explained that it is the same painting from an earlier post by Dr. Spyridon Plakoudas, assistant professor of National Security at Rabdan Academy and former vice president of KEDISA.

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