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Nigeria: At least 15 dead from an attack by gunmen on a mosque


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The attack in Bukuyoum local government area occurred during Friday prayers at Jumuat Central Mosque in Ruan Djemaa town

A gang of gunmen killed at least 15 people at a mosque in Zamfara state in northwestern Nigeria, residents said today.

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The attack in the Bukyoum local government area occurred during Friday prayers at the central Jumuat mosque in the town of Ruan Djemaa, three residents told Reuters.

“The armed robbers came on motorcycles carrying guns and went straight to the mosque and started shooting at us sporadically,” resident Amimou Mustafa said.

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Another resident, who asked not to be named, said the attack took place at around 14:00 local time, adding that many others were injured.

A Zamfara state police spokesman did not immediately respond to residents’ reports.

In August, residents of Ruan Djemaa said they gave the robbers 9 million naira ($21,000), petrol and cigarettes with the promise that the men would leave them alone.

Gangs of heavily armed men, known locally as bandits, have wreaked havoc in northwestern Nigeria over the past two years, kidnapping thousands of people, killing hundreds and making travel dangerous in some areas.

The military last week warned residents in Zamfara and two other states to leave forested areas ahead of a bombing campaign targeting bandits and terrorists.


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