Russia stops issuing passports to contain flight of reservists


Russia announced on Wednesday that it will no longer issue passports to people called up to mobilize for the Ukrainian War, outlining a response to the exodus of reservists and other men eligible for military service.

According to the Kremlin, the granting of the document will be denied to Russian citizens who have been summoned to the conflict. The measure seeks to contain the depletion of Moscow’s military contingent – which was triggered after the announcement of recruitment by Vladimir Putin a week ago.

The move comes in addition to another announcement, this one by the Russian separatist enclave government of North Ossetia, which imposes restrictions on the passage of Russian vehicles trying to leave the country.

“We will not be able to ensure order and security if this flow continues to grow,” said Serguei Menialo, governor of North Ossetia, noting that the ban does not apply to tourists, residents and citizens of Georgia – one of the destinations most popular among the thousands who have tried to leave Russia.

Territory authorities also announced that a temporary center will be built to recruit reservists who are passing through to escape the mobilization.

Last week’s exodus caused airfares to sell out, so the Russians had to resort to land routes. Satellite images recorded kilometer lines of cars on Russian borders with Georgia and Mongolia. The Kremlin even admitted errors in the scope of the mobilization, but did not rule out the possibility of ordering the closing of borders to contain the diaspora.

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