Queen of Denmark withdraws title of prince and princess from 4 grandchildren

Queen of Denmark withdraws title of prince and princess from 4 grandchildren

The Queen of Denmark, Margrethe II, made an unexpected move this Thursday (29) by withdrawing the title of prince and princess from four grandchildren, children of her firstborn, Joachim, in order to guarantee her successors a more normal and unhitched life. of royal offices.

Descendants of Prince Joachim must, from 2023, use only the title of Count or Countess of Monpezat. According to a statement from the Danish court, the Queen seeks to “create a framework within which these four grandchildren can shape their own lives”.

Joachim, 53, has four children from two marriages: Nikolai, Felix, Henrik and Athena, aged between 10 and 23.

Joachim’s wife and mother of the prince’s two eldest children, Countess Alessandra was not happy with the decision. The noblewoman told a local newspaper that the news “came out of nowhere” and that children feel left out and “can’t understand why they are taking away their identities”.

The Queen’s other four grandchildren, sons of Crown Prince Frederik, 54, retain their titles. In adulthood, however, only the eldest will have privileges, according to a decision taken in 2016.

The statement also says that Margrethe’s decision is in line with other kingdoms, which have been drying up their monarchies.

The revocation of the titles reflects a movement that also took place in the British royal family, in 2020, when Meghan and Harry decided to officially leave their royal duties to work in the United States and gain their own financial independence.

The couple’s abdication of royal obligations caused indisposition in the monarchy. On the British royal family’s website, the couple was demoted to the bottom of the page listing the members of the court. Now, photos of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex appear at the bottom of the list.

Harry and Meghan are second only to Prince Andrew, 62, the son of Queen Elizabeth II (1926–2022) involved in a sexual abuse case and removed from the British crown since he closed a deal in the American court.

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