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A company offers to bury you alive for 57,000 euros


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According to information, the offer is available in two packages: the “online funeral” and the “full package” funeral

A Russian start-up is offering its customers the unique opportunity to organize their own funeral – and more precisely a simulation of it – having the opportunity to live the experience of being buried alive for 3.5 million rubles, or a little more than 57,000 euros.

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Customers will thus discover hidden talents, “psychic abilities” and be helped to manage their “fears and anxieties” of death as their will to live is tested, the start-up’s founder Yekaterina Preobrazhenskaya told the radio Govorit Moskva station.

The company announced the generous venture a few days earlier describing the mock funerals as “a true symbol of the fight for yourself and your own happy future”.

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According to information obtained by Moskvich magazine, the offer is available in two packages: the “online funeral” and the “full-package” funeral

The first package, which costs 600,000 rubles ($15,635), is advertised as “anxiety therapy for fears and anxieties” and promises to allow the client to “close chapters” in their lives, undergo “divine healing” and “resurrect from the ashes”.

Those who choose the “full burial” package will have a full funeral held according to their religious preferences.

The client will be placed in a casket and buried for up to 60 minutes.

Customers are expected to emerge from the casket with a renewed “will to live” and will also be able to keep their casket as a souvenir.

“This process will allow you to evaluate your life and love it, understand your mission and unlock your potential,” Preobrazhenskaya told Govorit Moskva.

It is worth noting that in her post on Instagram, Preobrazhenskaya explained that it is completely safe to bury someone alive, claiming: “We do not intend to expose our customers to undue risk. “Scientists have calculated that the buried person will have enough air in the coffin for about 5.5 hours.”

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