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Nelson de Sá: Video on the NYT says that Brazilians will decide ‘the future of the planet’


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Alessandra Orofino, director of Greg News, on HBO in Brazil, and Agnes Walton, of the New York Times itself, produced a video highlighted on the American newspaper’s website, with the so-called “Brazil’s presidential election will determine the future of the planet”, and in Social:

They claim that “both candidates are insanely flawed”, but that there is no doubt about how they differ in relation to the Amazon. They turn to the young indigenous Txai Suruí, who “can explain why this election is a problem” also for the Americans. She says:

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“Because one candidate wants to save the Amazon, and the other wants to burn it down. The biggest rainforest in the world is my home. But the outcome of these elections threatens not just all of that, but all of that.” [entra uma imagem da Terra]

Orofino and Walton question, in this sense: “If Brazilians choose to destroy life on Earth, isn’t it a sovereign country? Well, that’s what Bolsonaro argues, and he’s widely popular for it.”

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They relate Bolsonaro’s environmental record, defending, in the end: “We all desperately need a new Brazilian president”. By us, they refer to “human civilization”.

They also list Lula’s history, adding that it ended in a “corruption scandal, sending Lula to jail for years” (sic), without mentioning why he left.

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