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Borrell Warning in Russia: Avoid Aggressive Action – Preparing Sanctions


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The “Ukraine crisis and the Strategic Compass” are among the key foreign policy issues to be discussed at the summit, EU High Representative Josep Borrell said on arrival.

“The Strategic Compass seeks to increase the resilience of the European Union and to increase its defense capabilities. “We introduced it a few months ago and now we are waiting for the leaders to give us guidance so that we can approve it in March,” Mr Borrell said.

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He added that “discussions with the Member States are going well and that everyone understands that in the current circumstances, with the many challenges facing the European Union, we need to have better and stronger capabilities to defend ourselves, to increase the our security policy “.

Regarding the situation in Ukraine, Josep Borrell stressed that “Russia must de-escalate tensions and refrain from any aggressive actions, because we are all EU member states united in supporting Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and any aggressive action will have higher political and economic costs “. Finally, the High Representative stressed that a full package of sanctions against Russia is being prepared.

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