Macron and Biden “coordinate” against the “challenge” of China


The two presidents salute “women and youth” protesting the violation of their rights and freedoms in Iran

The presidents of the United States and of France pledged today to “coordinate” their countries’ response to the “challenges posed by China”, notably on the issue of human rights.

France and United States they will also cooperate “with China on important global issues, such as climate change,” said the joint statement issued during the French president’s official visit to Washington.

Regarding Iran, Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron expressed their “respect” for Iranians who are “vigorously protesting” for their “fundamental freedoms,” the joint statement said.

The two presidents salute “women and young people” who are protesting the violation of their rights and freedoms, “which Iran has committed to and is violating,” according to the statement.

On green energy, the two presidents committed their countries to a “mutually beneficial” ecological transition.

The two presidents expressed their desire “to strengthen cooperation between the United States and the European Union on clean energy and climate,” according to the joint statement.

Biden and Macron pledged to work to “synchronize” their approaches to green energy investment after friction over US industrial policy.

“We agreed to discuss practical ways to synchronize our approaches to strengthening supply chain, manufacturing and innovation on both sides of the Atlantic,” Joe Biden said during a joint press conference.

“We decided together to synchronize our approaches and our agendas for investments in critical emerging industries such as semiconductors, hydrogen, batteries,” Emmanuel Macron explained.

US President Joe Biden has pledged that job creation in the United States will not be “at the expense of Europe“.

Hindering European businesses “was not the intention” behind the United States’ anti-inflation law, but rather an unintended consequence, his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron said during a joint news conference.

Europe must “move faster and stronger” to have “the same ambition” for industry as Washington, Macron said. “We want to succeed together, not against each other,” the French president stressed.


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