Pope Benedict: Condolences on his death from the political and religious world


Politicians express their sadness at the death of the former Pope

Former Pope Benedict died today at the age of 95. The following are reactions from international personalities in the political and ecclesiastical sphere:

World is losing ‘important figure’ of Catholic Church, German chancellor says Olaf Solz.

“As a +German+ Pope, Benedict XVI was for many, and not only in this country, a special church leader,” Scholz wrote on his Twitter account, also calling him a “militant personality” and a “brilliant theologian.”

“Benedict XVI was a giant of faith and reason. A man with love for the Lord who put his life at the service of the Universal Church and who spoke, and will continue to speak, to the hearts and minds of people with the spiritual and cultural depth of his Authority. A Christian, a spiritual shepherd, a theologian: a great man whom history will not forget,” said the Italian Prime Minister Georgia Meloni.

“My thoughts are with Catholics in France and around the world, who mourn the loss of His Holiness Benedict XVI, who worked wholeheartedly and spiritually for a more fraternal world,” the president said of France, Emmanuel Macron.

“I am saddened to hear the news of the death of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. He was a great theologian whose visit to the UK in 2010 was a historic moment for both Catholics and non-Catholics across our country. My thoughts is today with Catholics in the UK and around the world,” the Prime Minister commented of Britain Rishi Sunak.

The Patriarch of Moscow and Patriarch of the Russians and Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church Cyril today paid tribute to former Pope Benedict XVI, singling out an “eminent theologian” and defender of “traditional values”, a favorite designation of President Putin.

“Benedict XVI’s indisputable authority as an eminent theologian enabled him to contribute significantly to the development of inter-Christian cooperation, to the witness of Christ in front of a secularized world and to the defense of traditional moral values,” Patriarch Kirill said in a statement.

THE Polish President Andrzej Duda he saluted the memory of former Pope Benedict XVI, who was “a close associate of Saint John Paul II”.

“The world has lost one of the greatest theologians of the 20th and 21st centuries, a close associate of St. John Paul II,” Duda tweeted.

“Pope Benedict was one of the greatest theologians of his time – devoted to the faith of the Church and steadfast in its defense. In all things, especially in his writings and his preaching, he saw Jesus Christ, the image of the invisible God. It was very clear that Christ was the source of his thought and the basis of his prayer,” said Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby.

“We mourn the death of our Bavarian pope. The death of Benedict XVI touches me deeply, as it does many people in Bavaria and around the world. With him, society loses a convincing representative of the Catholic Church as well as one of the theologians with the greatest influence of the 20th century. In turbulent and difficult times, he was the religious leader of the Catholic faithful. Many people in his homeland will remember him with gratitude not only as Pope Benedict XVI, but also as a humble pastor … His multi-day visit in Bavaria as the new pope, expressing his love for the country and its people, will be unforgettable. He always carried his country in his heart,” commented Markus Söder, the prime minister of the German state of Bavaria.

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