Videos and photos show destruction in Turkey and Syria after earthquake


The 7.8 magnitude earthquake destroyed cities and left thousands dead and injured in Turkey and Syria, in a region already hard hit by recent calamities. Among the thousands affected by the tragedy are refugees from the Syrian War and the local population still living in urban and rural areas damaged by more than a decade of conflict.

By the end of this Monday afternoon (6), there were 4,300 dead in both countries, according to the Turkish government, the regime of Bashar al-Assad and the White Helmets, who report the situation in areas controlled by rebels in Syria.

See below videos, images and graphics that show the destruction caused by the earthquake and the extent of the tragedy.

Aerial footage shows the destruction and the work of rescue teams

Building collapses in the Turkish city of Urfa, near the Syrian border

See where the earthquake occurred

Earthquake destroys cities, and teams search for survivors in the rubble

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