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France describes as “unacceptable” the violence against Palestinian citizens in the occupied West Bank, following the retaliation carried out by the Jewish settlers after yesterday’s armed attack in which two Israelis were killed.

France strongly condemns the attack that claimed the lives of two Israelis on February 26. Violence against Palestinian citizens is not acceptable“, it is stated in a statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France.

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The Paris “follows with great concern the violence in the West Bank and especially in Huwara, which threatens to become uncontrollable».

France calls on all sides to refrain from inciting these violence and to contribute to de-escalation” and “calls on the Israeli government, in accordance with its responsibility as an occupying power, to protect Palestinian citizens and prosecute the perpetrators of the violence».

The Palestinian town of Huwara in the occupied West Bank was the target of attacks by Jewish settlers last night after two settlers were killed by Palestinian gunfire, in what the Israeli government described as “Palestinian terrorist attack».

Israeli authorities appealed to Jewish settlers for calm.

In Berlin, the German government said it was urgent to avoid an escalation of the tense situation in the West Bank.

It is urgent to honor the agreements to avoid an escalation and for everyone to commit now not to inflame an already tense situation“, said Christopher Burger, a spokesman for the German Foreign Ministry.

Condemning in the strongest possible terms the attack on two young Israelis in the occupied West Bank, the spokesman called “absolutely unacceptable» the retaliatory attacks of the Jewish settlers in the city of Huwara.