No more protective mask against Covid-19 puts it Hong Kongas he stated today Tuesday city ​​chief John Lee in a move that is expected to increase tourism and bring back businesses.

Life in Hong Kong is returning to normal more than three years after strict coronavirus protection rules were first implemented.

The measure will take effect from Wednesday, Lee told a news conference. The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is one of the last places in the world that still mandates the use of a protective mask, according to Reuters.

Hong Kong and Macau both followed suit China’s zero tolerance policy for much of the past three years. Hong Kong began relaxing its strict Covid rules last year, but mask use has remained constant since 2020.

“We believe this is the best time to make this decision. It’s a clear message to show that Hong Kong is getting back to normal.”Lee said.

In high risk places like hospitals, administrators can decide for themselves whether to require staff and visitors to wear masks, he noted.

In addition to this measure, others have been lifted, the most important of which is the quarantine for visitors from international destinations

Most Asian countries have made similar moves in recent months, including South Korea, Japan and Taiwan.