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The European Commission reported to the police late yesterday, Tuesday, afternoon that received an email written in Russian that spoke of an attack on the subwaywhich is scheduled for today, notes a report from the newspaper Le Soir.

It is pointed out that this is a threat that not considered very reliable, but taken “very seriously” from the beginning. The Brussels public prosecutor’s office has launched an investigation, the Crisis Center is monitoring the situation and the federal police carried out checks on the subway overnight. At the same time, the patrols are being strengthened, the article emphasizes.

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According to the report of the security services of the European Commission, which was contacted by Le Soir, a man recently contacted the Commission twice by email.

The first email of 16 February contained nothing alarming, the second, which was sent on March 3, was a threatening message that said in Russian: “As the EU continues its aggressive policy, I would like to warn of the launch of mass terrorist attacks on EU territory.” The email concludes with a specific threat: “On March 8, the subway in Brussels will be blown up between Yser and Rogier».

The police carried out all the necessary checks. The federal police confirmed they searched the subway stations: “We took it very seriously, we carried out tests with police dogs capable of detecting explosives which turned out to be negative, but we remain very cautious. Police agencies are on standby. The Brussels public prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation to identify the perpetrator(s) of this bomb threat.”

For its part, the US Embassy in Brussels issued a security warning, stating that the police have stepped up security measures in response to a threat of a possible subway attack that will take place today, March 8, and urging citizens to be cautiousif in or near Brussels, avoid crowds, keep a low profile, always be aware of their surroundings, follow local media updates and check the embassy website for the latest alerts and messages to citizens of the USA.