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Disappointing and worrying are the official figures regarding femicides and in Italy.

In 2022, 125 women were murdered in the country, of which 78% were Italian.

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In total, 103 murders took place in a family environment. 61 were committed by former and current partners, 34 by a parent or a child. As far as this year is concerned, from January 1 until today, there are already 20 femicides.

“We must continue to fight for every female victim of persecution, harassment, discrimination, in order to combat every form of violence, with all the means at our disposal,” underlined the Italian Prime Minister Georgia Meloni.

“Our society continues to be patriarchal, and for this reason, everything is more difficult for us women. If Meloni wants to help women, let her not touch the pensions but let her immediately establish equal maternity and paternity leave, lasting three months”, underlined, for her part, the new secretary of the Italian centre-left Democratic Party Eli Slaine.

“For working women and mothers, we have not yet achieved wage equality. That there is this difference with men shows that the road is still long,” said the president of the Italian Catholic Bishops’ Conference, Cardinal Matteo Zuppi.

“Many women took to the streets in many countries of the world. To protest, to raise their voice” emphasized the Italian president of the republic Sergio Mattarella. “They are asking for rights, not privileges, which will benefit everyone. Listening to their calls for freedom, in the face of their struggle to secure basic rights, we cannot remain indifferent,” concluded the Italian president.