Stormy Daniels opened champagne – literally – after the court’s decision to prosecute the former president of the USA Donald Trumpfor the case of its financing.

The porn star and sex film director didn’t just make history by taking a former US president to court, she also filled her bank accounts as the products she promotes online (#TeamStormy t-shirts) have gone viral.

The interest in her T-shirts Stormy Daniels it is so big that it cannot meet the demand.

“Thank you all for your support and love! There are so many messages coming in that I can’t answer… also I don’t want to spill my champagne. #Teamstormy merch/autograph orders have flooded me too! Thank you for that too, but please give me a few extra days for shipping,” he tweeted.

Stormy Daniels claimed that she had an affair with Donald Trump in 2006, which the former US president did not accept.

The charges against Trump concern his attempt, through his lawyer, to buy Stormy Daniels’ silence with $130,000.