Akar new delusion: “Greece pretends to be a victim country, disguised as a sheep”

Akar new delusion: “Greece pretends to be a victim country, disguised as a sheep”

Turkey insists on provocative rhetoric, this time through Hulusi Akar. The Turkish Minister of Defense proceeded to a new aggressive delusion against Greece, referring to provocations, while once again accusing Athens of violating the Treaty of Lausanne, insisting on the narrative of the demilitarization of the Aegean islands.

According to Daily of Cyprus, blamed Greece for “pretending to be a victim country, disguised as a sheep”.

“Greece is violating the regime on at least 16 of the 23 demilitarized islands in accordance with the Lausanne Treaty and other international treaties, equipping them and, in addition, including these islands in NATO military exercises and other exercises. It uses third countries for its claims. “And they are trying to deceive them,” said Hulusi Akar.

In the same context, he added that our country “claims sovereignty of islands and islets whose sovereignty has not been transferred to Greece with conditions, and in fact some of these islands are put up for sale. “Greece continues its irrational and illegal claims in the Eastern Mediterranean.”

“Despite our well-intentioned calls for dialogue, Greece is trying to distort all the truth and pretends to be a country – a victim disguised as a sheep, to cover up its illegal and aggressive actions. “It is taking advantage of EU membership to form alliances within itself, creating an artificial threat and trying to turn the problems with Turkey into a Turkey-EU, Turkey-US or Turkey-NATO problem,” Akar continued. , adding:

“Greece is acting in violation of international law, for almost every issue that needs to be resolved between us, common sense, good neighborly relations and historical reality. It is not possible to explain by common sense or by international law, the unilateral will of our neighbors to increase their territorial waters to 12 miles, which is now 6 miles, and to claim 10 miles of airspace while territorial waters are only 6 miles. “In our time, and in history, there is no such practice.”

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