Thai police charged a 35-year-old woman – until recently above suspicion – with manslaughter on suspicion of murdering people by poisoning them with cyanide.

In fact, the number of alleged victims of the woman – Sararat “Am” Rangsiwuthaporn, wife of a police officer and 4 months pregnant – has reached 13.

The murders are believed to have been committed in the last three years and the suspect was found 2 days ago.

According to the deputy head of the national police, Surakate Hakparn, the young woman suffers from psychiatric problems and her motive is believed to be money.

He poisoned them with cyanide

Police have not specified the number of murders for which she is suspected, while noting that the accused denies the charges against her.

Among her victims are former lovers, teachers and friends and her husband’s fellow police officers, while police suspect that her sister, who is a pharmacist, helped her.

Authorities found what they believe to be cyanide in her home and suspect she killed her victims by putting poison in what they ate or drank.

“The autopsy showed the presence of cyanide in the bodies,” Suracate also clarified in his statements to reporters.

“This indicates that the victims received the poison orally,” he continued.

How the tangle unfolded

Police initially suspected the 30-year-old murdered her friend in Ratchaburi province, west of Bangkok, two weeks ago.

However, after questioning her, authorities linked the case to other cases of cyanide poisoning in Kanchanaburi provinces, in the western part of the country, and Nakhon Pathom, near Bangkok.