The rain expected today in western Canada is likely to help contain the fires in the region, according to Canadian authorities, who were faced with 87 active fires yesterday, Saturday.

More than 8 million hectares have already burned in this province, which in early May declared a state of emergency and asked for help from abroad.

Thunderstorms had already hit the province of Alberta earlier yesterday, said Christy Tucker of the province’s fire service.

“Our meteorologists are monitoring a front that will arrive in the province from tomorrow,” he explained during a press conference, adding that this front “is expected to reduce temperatures and bring moisture, even rain.”

This weather phenomenon is expected to last “a few days,” Tucker said.

“It all depends on exactly where this rain falls … But in the zone where we expect it, it will make a big difference” for the 2,500 firefighters battling 87 forest and bushfires, of which 23 were still burning last night they rage uncontrollably.

More than 10,000 people in Alberta were ordered to evacuate their homes yesterday.

According to Cindy Evans, director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the situation in western Canada remains “unstable.”

This weekend, temperatures are again above normal for the season, around 28C.