For police training on human rights issues, the house where Adolf Hitler was born in Austria will be used, with the government putting an end to a long-running issue.

The government bought the building in Braunau am Inn near the German border under a compulsory purchase order in 2016 after a long dispute, according to the BBC.

The dictator was born in a rented room on the top floor in 1889.

Construction work to convert the house into a place suitable for police training is expected to begin next fall, and the project is expected to cost around 20 million euros, authorities said.

However, this decision caused mixed reactions. But it was preceded by a long debate by members of a committee of experts, who ruled out demolition on the grounds that it would have a negative impact internationally and be interpreted as an attempt by Austria to deny its Nazi past.

Also, there were fears that the building could to attract right-wing extremists.

For decades the Austrian government rented the house in an attempt to stop far-right tourism. It was used by a charity as a day care center for the disabled until its former owner, Gerlinde Pommer, blocked future renovations.

In 2016, the government passed a law allowing the house to be seized from her in exchange for more than €800,000 (£694,000) in compensation.

Three years later, the Home Office announced plans to turn the 17th-century house into a police station.

According to the plan, the construction works are expected to be completed by 2025.