Her last breath left at noon on Wednesday a 63-year-old tourist from Romania in Halkidikiwhich lost consciousness of her while in a tavern in the area of ​​Ouranoupoliwith her death highlighting them once again major shortcomings of the National Health Systemsince the EKAV ambulance took an hour and a quarter to get to the point.

According to the information of ThessToday.gr, the 63-year-old participated in a group that was on a cruise. They disembarked at the port of Ouranoupoli and at about 2 in the afternoon, the woman felt unwell, while she was in a tavern with the group, with EKAB being immediately notified to go to the scene to provide first aid.

The issue is that the whole of Halkidiki has only five Health Centers and the distances between them are quite long. So despite the fact that the EKAB ambulance started directly from the Agios Nikolaos Health Center to the settlement of Ouranoupoli, the distance it had to cover in terms of time corresponded to 1 hour and 15 minutes. In between, the woman suffered a seizure and breathed her last.

According to the same information, despite the resuscitation efforts with the defibrillator that the store had, as well as the rescuers who rushed to the scene, the woman unfortunately died, with the time of death being determined at 4 in the afternoon.