According to the latest information the Berlusconi family has decided to first wait for tomorrow’s (Thursday) general meeting of shareholders of Fininvest, in Milan. It’s about her investment company, which controls all the shares of the Berlusconi group, so surprises and tensions must be avoided. As far as property is concerned, the value of the businesses created by “Cavalier” estimated to exceed the 5 billion euroswith over 20 thousand employees.

The main question is who will assume substantial control of all these companies: In other words, the shares will be divided in absolutely equal shares among Berlusconi’s five children or they will be favored the first-born daughter Marina and his eldest son Piersilvio, who had been working for twenty years, with “Mr. Tivy”? There are many other questions: is the rumor true that during his penultimate hospitalization this year, the former Italian prime minister did he change his will? His last partner, Marta Fasina, will he be able, as the press writes, to live in the well-known villa of Arcore, outside Milan?

French interest in canals

But mainly it should be ascertained if the Berlusconi empire (three TV channels, the Mondadori publishing house, Mediolanum insurance and more) will it remain as it is or if a partial sale of it will be decided. For a long time, the French group Vivendi has expressed interest in buying the TV channels, but the response so far has always been negative.

Also in the event that with the opening of the will the three youngest children of the Italian tycoon find themselves in a disadvantageous position, there will certainly be commentators who will interpret it as a “revenge” of the deceased against their ex-wife and mother, Veronica Lariowho did not support him and filed for divorce during the “bunga bunga” affair.

Finally, there is the purely political parameter, with the future of the party Forsa Italy. Will the heirs of Silvio Berlusconi continue to support it with generous funding or will they prefer to stop this political experiment?