Two 14-year-old twin sisters were among at least 11 people killed by a Russian missile attack on a crowded restaurant in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kramatorsk, officials said today.

Emergency services said eleven people had been pulled from the rubble by Wednesday afternoon, nearly 24 hours after the restaurant was hit by a rocket. Among the dead are at least three children, while 56 are injured, they said.

Sisters Anna and Yulia Aksechenko would have turned 15 in September, the education department of Kramatorsk City Council announced in a Facebook post, under a photo of the two smiling girls.

When asked about the Kramatorsk attack, the Kremlin said today that Russia only attacks military targets, not civilians. The Russian Defense Ministry later announced that a temporary Ukrainian military command center had been hit in Kramatorsk.

“I ran here after the explosion because I rented a cafe here… Everything has blown up out there,” said Valentina, 64, who did not give her last name. “There is nothing left of the glass, the windows, the doors. All I see is destruction, fear and horror. This is the 21st century,” he told Reuters.

A second rocket hit a village on the outskirts of Kramatorsk, injuring four people.

President Volodymyr Zelensky said in his nightly video message on Tuesday that the attacks showed that Russia “deserves only one thing as a consequence of what it did — defeat and a court.”