Twelve kilometers in just two hours covered the fire that broke out shortly before one in the afternoon in the area of ​​Kouvara, as the representative of the Fire Department said, John Baker in the second emergency update on the situation on the fire fronts. At the same time, Mr. Artopoios announced that one person, a foreigner, has already been brought, as a suspect for causing the great fire in Eastern Attica. According to the first information, he is a 32-year-old man from Romania. The flames have burned and caused damage to an unknown number of houses and facilities, while the Civil Protection ordered the evacuation of settlements.

A short time after the fire broke out in Eastern Attica which caused a nightmare situation, another fire, in the area of ​​Loutraki put the fire brigade on alert, while also in this case thousands of people were asked to move away from their homes. The flames in the area of ​​Loutraki are raging uncontrollably, while shortly before 6.30 in the afternoon, a message from 112 was also sent to the residents of Dervenochoriawhere a new fire broke out in Panaktos, burning a forest area.

The picture is better on the fire in Eastern Attica

As Mr. Artophios said, regarding the fire in his area Neo Kouvaras “the situation is much improved while the forces have been strengthened and a total of 210 firefighters are operating with 10 groups of pedestrians from 68 vehicles managed by the on-site mobile operational center “Olympus”, while 10 aircraft, 6 helicopters are operating from the air, one of which for aerial coordination’.

As he pointed out, four large forest fires are raging, of which 2 in Attica, in Neo Kouvaras and Dervenochoria as well as in Kallithea Loutraki and Kaparelli in Boeotia. At the same time, as Mr. Artophios pointed out, the fire from its start due to the strong winds covered 12 kilometers in 2 hours, it became threatening causing material damage, therefore, for preventive reasons, 5 messages were issued by 112 warning the residents about the progress of the fire and for their preventive removal to a safe destination. In fact, as he added, in several cases the firefighters freed residents and took them to safe places. Furthermore, the GEETHA has allocated a staff of 20 people as walking units and the port corps 4 inflatable boats and with the help of 2 more fishing boats are patrolling the coastline of Palaia Fokaia for their eventual intervention. The number of volunteer firefighters and volunteer groups operating is also large. At the same time, the Greek police and EKAV have deployed strong forces, while the Region of Attica has deployed a large number of water vehicles.

A better picture is presented by the large fire that broke out shortly before one in the afternoon in the area of ​​Kouvaras

The strong winds are pushing the fire towards the residential fabric, where in Lagonisi, high on the mountain, the flames have reached the houses and caused damage.

Attempt to extinguish the fire

The situation in Lagonissi earlier was extremely difficult, with the Ministry of Civil Protection sending a new 112 message to the residents of Lagonissi, who were called to evacuate to Athens.

As he said earlier, during the first emergency briefing, the representative of the Fire Department, Yiannis Artopioos, a precautionary evacuation order is given for Lagonisi, Saronida and Anavyssos, towards Palaia Fokaia, while earlier the settlements of Peta, Heloni, Melissourgos, Trambouria were evacuated. As he told Sky 100.3, the president of the community of Kalyvia, Chr. Raptis, at this time (3:30 p.m.) the flames are in the yards of the houses in the settlement of Trambouria.

Watch the extinguishing efforts live:

Watch a video of a house that went up in flames, in Lagonisi:

The fire from Lagonisi

Evacuation Throw

Her monastery is also located in the area where the fire broke out Agia Skepiwhich was evacuated.

The firefighting forces are constantly being strengthened: a total of 150 firefighters with 6 groups of infantry departments, including 31 Romanian firefighters, 40 firefighting water vehicles are constantly operating, while 7 aircraft and 4 helicopters are operating from the air, one of which is for aerial coordination. In addition, the volunteers of the Fire Brigade and the volunteer groups of Civil Protection have a large number of water vehicles in the area of ​​the fire. Likewise the Region of Attica.

Finally, according to information from the police, vehicle traffic has been stopped on Lavriou Avenue, from Souniou Avenue to Kouvara Provincial Street in both directions.

Strong winds are blowing in the area – at 7 Beaufort – which are hampering the efforts of the firefighters. The fire is moving towards Mount Panio. According to Sky’s meteorologist, Christina Suzi, the winds are northerly, with an intensity of 6-7 Beaufort and are not expected to stop until late afternoon.

At the same time, the municipality of Saronikos issued an announcement for those experiencing respiratory problems to contact the municipality’s call center.


Speaking to ERT, he mentioned the fire that is developing in Keratea John Bakera spokesman for the Fire Department, saying: “A difficult agroforestry fire which burns low vegetation in the area of ​​Kouvaras. Specifically Peta – Kouvara we can say and for this purpose a warning message has been issued by 112. Specifically at 13.15 pm and it concerns the existence of a forest fire. The fire, currently driven by strong winds of 6 and 7 Beaufort, has escalated.”

The firefighting forces are constantly being strengthened, while a while ago it was announced that the Romanian firefighters who have been in Greece since the beginning of the fire season will also go to the fire front.

As the former mayor of Saronikos told Sky 100.3 Petros Philippou the fire is raging towards the area of ​​Kalyvia, which had been reforested in previous years, while he pointed out that the winds are very strong. “This fire cannot be caught,” he said characteristically. He added that according to the first information, the fire broke out from the electricity network.

The deputy mayor of Saronikos, Thanassis Makrodimitris he told Sky 100.3 that the fire has escaped, the forces are many, but a battle is being fought to prevent the fire from passing to Lagonisi.

A little earlier, a fire also broke out in Kato Souli Marathona, with the fire brigade also fighting there to limit the destruction.


You are heavy

You are heavy

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