The Razgruska Wagnera channel on the Telegram app, which belongs to the Russian private mercenary organization Wagner, published a statement by a member of the “board of governors” under the pseudonym “Marx”, in which he says that in Belarus plan to arrive up to 10,000 mercenaries, writes the newspaper Novaya Gazeta Europe today.

“That’s what real arithmetic is. A total of 78,000 fighters of the private military company Wagner went through the Ukrainian campaign. Of these, 49,000 are prisoners. At the time of the capture of Bahamut (May 20), the dead fighters had reached 22,000, their wounded 40,000. There are 25,000 alive and well, plus the wounded and recovering. Of these, up to 10,000 have reached or will reach. 15,000 are already on leave”Marx stated.

Marx commented on the statement of State Duma (lower house of the Russian parliament) Vladimir Shamanov, who had said that 32,000-33,000 Wagner mercenaries signed a contract with the Russian army.

“How the 33,000 who joined the army were formed, I don’t know at the moment. If all those who were killed and those who took leave signed contracts, then such a thing is possible. There is no question of disagreement.” Marx added.

According to the information of the “Belaruski Gayun” observatory, until the evening of July 19 in Belarus nine phalanxes of Wagner had arrived, ebut there are already 2,000-2,500 of its fighters in the country.

The losses suffered by Wagner, that is, only a part of the Russian forces in Ukraine, are 46% higher than the losses suffered by the Soviet army in Afghanistan according to official figures (15,051 Soviet soldiers) and four times higher than the losses suffered by the Russian army in the first war in Chechnya. A city of 22,000 inhabitants would be larger than hundreds of cities in Russia.