Germany and Ukraine have agreed that Berlin should offer Kiev more arrays of the US-made Patriot air defense system, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a speech Wednesday night.

“Good news from Germany — just what we agreed with [γερμανό καγκελάριο] Olaf Solz. More Patriot systems are coming. Thank you very much Olaf, they are essential for the defense of our people against Russian terrorism,” Mr Zelensky said.

Earlier yesterday, the German government announced its decision to send two more arrays of the Patriot system (Raytheon) to Ukraine.
The development “will certainly bring us closer to the creation of an anti-aircraft shield”, it will “save thousands of people, cities and villages”, assured Mr. Zelensky.
The Ukrainian military says these systems have even intercepted Russian hypersonic missiles repeatedly.

More of these sophisticated, hugely expensive, modular systems (consisting of radars, fire control systems, launchers and munitions) have been repeatedly requested by Kiev, yet there are comparatively few in NATO as its post-Cold War member states chose not to. place special emphasis on anti-aircraft defense.

In addition to the two additional Patriot batteries, Germany will also send 10 Bandvagn 206 multi-role tracked vehicles, six trucks, approximately 6,000 smoke-producing rounds for 155 mm guns, machine guns, mine-clearing equipment, night vision binoculars, and more.

Meanwhile, the head of the local authorities of the Ukrainian region of Rivne (west), Vitaly Koval, reported in the early hours of the morning that a Russian attack with UAVs resulted in the destruction of a fuel storage facility.
There were no casualties, he clarified.