Donald Trump will be absent, but on everyone’s mind: the Republican party today is holding its first debate of its candidates for the 2024 presidential election without the former president, who decided not to participate.

Trump announced he would not take part in the debate, which starts at 8:00 p.m. (local time, 03:00 Greek time) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as polls show him with a wide lead over his nomination rivals.

Although he has been charged in four cases, the billionaire remains the favorite to win the Republican nomination. Besides, each new legal adventure of his pushes his supporters to make new donations to his election campaign.

Debate vs. Tucker Carlson

How can the first debate of the Republican candidates arouse the interest of Americans in the absence of the favorite? That’s the challenge facing Fox News, the conservatives’ favorite television network, as well as the eight other candidates themselves, who are struggling to exist in a political and media environment focused on Trump’s judicial adventures.

So the debate is in danger of taking a back seat. More so because at the same time, Trump will interview Tucker Carlson, a former Fox News anchor who now has a show broadcast exclusively by the X platform (formerly Twitter).

Yesterday Tuesday the former US president wrote on the Truth Social network: “I will be very busy tomorrow night.”

Trump vs. (again?) Biden

The winner of the Republican primary will face the Democratic nominee, possibly Joe Biden, in the November 5, 2024 presidential election.

A matchup for which Trump is already preparing by republishing many polls every day regarding a new electoral battle between the current and former president. Besides, the Republican billionaire accuses Biden, without evidence, of being responsible for his legal adventures.

For his part, the Democratic president avoids commenting on his predecessor’s legal adventures, in an effort to avoid fueling accusations of instrumentalization of justice.