The death toll from the earthquake that hit the region of Morocco southwest of the city of Marrakesh has reached 2,497 according to a newer report announced by the Ministry of the Interior.

In its latest announcement, the Ministry of the Interior it speaks of 2,497 dead and 2,476 wounded.

Many people spent a third night out in the open as many homes have collapsed while some of the villages have literally disappeared.

Remote areas have suffered the greatest destruction, which makes it difficult to access with machines in order to proceed with the investigations for the recovery of the victims. According to testimonies, residents are digging themselves with their bare hands.

Rescuers trying to reach isolated communities in the High Atlas mountains face serious problems due to blocked roads.

Many people in damaged villages report lack of basic necessities, including food, water and shelter;

In some areas tents have been set up, while many people are responding to calls for blood donations.

Last Friday’s earthquake was the deadliest to hit Morocco in the last six decades. Its focus is placed on the mountain villages of Atlas and it was felt even in the capital, Rabat, which is about 350 km from the city of Marrakesh.

Many problems are still being reported in the heart of Marrakesh, in the Medina, which has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. At this point, 1/3 of the population has been affected, while the areas that have been affected the most are the rural areas in Mount Atlas.