Karapapa attack on Baltako: “Either change or lock! No derby with referee Sidiropoulos!”


Kostas Karapapas launched a direct attack on Takis Baltakos in the debate on the licensing regulation at the Professional Football Commission. The vice-president of PAE Olympiacos again accused the president of EPO of ignoring the imperatives of the holistic study and called him to leave, otherwise he threatened that the teams themselves would put a lockout. In fact, he accused Mr. Baltako of not having done anything regarding the betting case or the securing of foreign referees for the major matches of the Super League.

Today’s proceedings are yet another proof of how ridiculous and comical the operation of this commission is! A committee that the Holistic Study envisioned to decide on professional football you have deliberately made as I told you a pure travesty!

You are asking us to vote for a Super League 2 proclamation and Martsoukos is not here! And it is supposed that this guy who runs Super League 2 and was voted non-football by the EPO vote, in yet another act of institutional perversion, represents professional football! He does not represent anyone but those who put him in and they are the same ones who put you in!
“, initially said K. Karapapas, according to Olympiakos.

They have sent you fifteen letters and you have not answered even one. Is that how you think it will go? No reaction, no response. It is a travesty for us and for FIFA/UEFA and for those who agreed to the Holistic Study. Either professional football will decide its fate or we will stop it. We will put a lock on it. We gather to gather in this mock meeting and instead of discussing serious matters about football we discuss the trivial“, he added and concluded:

Is it possible that the EEP is meeting today and you don’t have anything to tell us about the Betting issue? There’s a derby next week. Is it possible that today you have not brought the solution for the foreign arbitrators that we unanimously requested? Do you think there will be any derby with Sidiropoulos as referee? You’re laughing. It’s not going to happen…”.

Source: Sport Fm

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