To them 150 they came up the dead from the floods caused by the torrential rains in Libya.

“At least 150 people have died due to the floods caused by storm Daniel in Derna, the areas of Jabar Al-Akhtar and the suburbs of Al-Marj” in eastern Libya, said Mohamed Masoud, a spokesman for the parallel government based in Libya. Benghazi.

The storm named Daniel was characterized by experts as “an extreme phenomenon in terms of the amount of rain volume” and hit Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria in the last few days causing the death of 27 people.

The storm also caused “significant material damage to infrastructure and property,” the Libyan official added.

The storm hit the eastern region of Libya yesterday afternoon and mainly the coastal cities of Jabal al-Akhdar and Benghazi where a curfew was imposed. The area had already been hit by torrential rains for a few days.

Rescue crews have rushed to Derna, a city of 100,000 inhabitants, which is leaking from a river.

Authorities in eastern Libya have lost contact with nine soldiers involved in rescue operations in that city, Mohamed Massoud said.

The parallel government of Benghazi declared Derna a place of natural disaster. Hundreds of residents remain trapped in hard-to-reach areas, while rescue teams, backed by the army, try to operate in the affected areas.

Videos from residents of eastern Libyan cities such as Derna and Al Bayda and smaller communities showed entire neighborhoods buried in mud or flooded, damaged roads and collapsed buildings.