Sahar ben Shela was with his group enjoying the music festival near the Gaza Strip that was to become the grave for hundreds of civilians from the surprise attack by Hamas. Even though he was injured, he managed to save himself and describes the horror he experienced from the hospital where he is being treated. Sahar is alive because, as he said, he was covered by the bodies of his dead friends.

In an interview with the Israeli channel N12, Sahar described in every detail what he experienced and what he saw unfolding before his eyes.

“They stopped the music, told us there were emergency sirens and after a few minutes, the party producers shouted that there were terrorists,” he said. Then attempts with his company to escape. They got into one’s car and managed to get to a shelter accompanied by a police officer:

“We were about 30 people. After a few minutes, the terrorists started shooting at us and neutralized the policeman right in front of us,” he added.

“They threw a first grenade that exploded at the entrance to the shelter. I started screaming in pain and praying and after a minute they threw another grenade that hit me in the head. I was standing on the wall in the second row of people and the grenade fell on the front ones. They were the ones who got hit and that’s what saved us,” he noted.

“After half a minute, a friend tried to get out of the shelter because she was suffocating inside. Her partner and I tried to grab her, but we couldn’t. He fell directly on a terrorist and was shot on contact,” he said.

“Then the terrorist entered the shelter, I think with an Uzi and just started shooting. Everyone in the first and second rows, except me, was killed. A bullet hit me in the elbow and shrapnel in the leg and lungs. I think his gun jammed because I heard a noise and he ran out. About a minute later, one of the survivors checked outside and said the area was clear. I went out after him and looked for a gun, but in vain,” Sahar noted, crying.

“I spoke on the radio with the police and said that we need reinforcements and that there are dead and injured. The policeman on the line said, “Just run. Good luck” concluded Sahar, who throughout the interview could not hold back his tears.