“We are preparing to enter Gaza” said the Israeli army spokesman, who spoke on Wednesday at Fox News.

Electricity has now been cut across Gaza, as the only power station has stopped workingconfirmed the region’s energy ministry. The only power station supplying the region has run out of fuel due to the Israeli blockade while water and food supplies will also decrease in the coming days.

Earlier, the authorities had stated that at the factory they had 10 to 12 hours of fuel left.

Israel cut off its own electricity supply to Gaza on Monday as part of the decision to set the area to “total siege” in response to the Hamas attack.

Some Palestinians in Gaza use generators, which however they need fuel to operate.

For his part, the Chief of Staff of the Israeli Army, Lt. Gen Herci Halevimade it clear to reserve officers at the Southern Command base in Beersheba that the military is focusing its efforts on targeting Hamas officials.

“In any area where we know there are Hamas members, Hamas leaders, even if there are restrictions, we strike… with precision and great power”said Halevi characteristically.

“We have to be strong. It started badly for us and it will end very badly for the other side” Halevi also interpreted on Monday.

Among the most likely scenarios of war between Israel and Hamas is an Israeli ground attack on Gaza.. A terrifying prospect of a war conflict in the heart of an extremely densely populated city, with an extensive underground network of tunnels and the presence of hostages, mostly Israelis.

On Monday, Israel ordered the immediate cut off of all supplies to the Gaza Strip, under the “total siege” of the Palestinian enclave controlled by Hamas.

The sequel seems predetermined: “Israel will launch a major combined air, land, sea and space warfare operationJohn Spencer, an expert at the Modern War Institute of the American academy West Point, assures via Twitter (X).