The Greek team of young girls who recently won the award “FIA Women in Motorsport Award” to F1 in Schools World Final held in Singapore, met, on the occasion of today’s International Day of the Girl, the Deputy Minister of Social Cohesion and Family, Maria-Alexandra Kefala. The Deputy Minister congratulated the girls who chased their dreams and succeeded as they emerged as the best female team in the world in one of the world’s biggest STEM competitions.

Fai Panagaki, Mikaela Moustakas, Katerina Halbe, Evangelia Vournazou, Kyriaki Iliopoulou, Georgia Samara and Dafni Valiadou they are members of the Athena Racing Team, the cooperation group of the Educational Renaissance and the Greek-German Exchange School and managed to distinguish themselves in a competition on the engineering, design and construction of 3D Formula1 models.

The Deputy Minister thanked the girls for making Greece proud with their distinction and they replied that “they want to encourage more female students to get involved in critical areas of cutting edge and innovation, as girls have a lot to offer in these areas».

We want to encourage girls not to give up on their plans. We are on the side of those who want to engage in professions that are considered male-dominated. We aim to attract more girls to STEM studies, address their under-representation in technology and create the conditions for equal opportunities in research and innovation as well“, emphasized the deputy minister.

Maria-Alexandra Kefala