Israel’s military admitted today that ordering the withdrawal of Palestinians from northern Gaza would “take time” after earlier announcing a 24-hour deadline.

After the 24-hour deadline to evacuate about 1.1 million Palestinians from Gaza, the UN called on Israel to cancel the decision as it considers it impossible to make the move within 24 hours “without catastrophic humanitarian consequences”.

The same time, Hamas is blocking civilians who want to leavecalling the Israeli warning to remove the population “false propaganda, aimed at sowing confusion among the residents and damaging the cohesion of our internal front”.

We try to give time and we put a lot of effort, and we understand that this will not take 24 hours“, the spokesman of the army, Daniel Hagari, said today at a press conference.

He stated that at least 258 Israeli soldiers after the bloody attack which he unleashed on October 7 the Palestinian Islamist organization Hamas against Israel. The previous toll was 169 dead soldiers.