As the West shows its support for Israel with statements and visits by officials, drone attacks are being recorded on regional US targets, the day after a hospital in Gaza was hit, killing hundreds.

Two US military bases in Syria were attacked, as reported today by the Al-Mayadeen television network close to Iran.

Al-Mayadeen reported a drone attack on the Al-Tanf base, near Syria’s borders with Iraq and Jordan, and a missile attack on the Conoco base in the countryside in Syria’s northern Deir al-Zor province.

The television network did not elaborate further and so far there is no official confirmation of the attacks.

Meanwhile, drone attacks against US troops also occurred in Iraqaccording to US military authorities.

“During the past 24 hours, the US military has defended against three drones located near US and coalition forces in Iraq,” the joint Middle East Command (CENTCOM) said in a press release.

CENTCOM did not specify who, or what organizations, the unmanned aerial vehicles belonged to.

However, as of Tuesday night, Iraqi organizations close to Iran accuse Israel and the US of committing a “massacre” in Gaza. One of them, the Hezbollah brigadesdemanded that the Americans “get out” of Iraq, otherwise they will “taste the flames of hell”.

Generally in recent days, Iraqi armed groups close to Iran have threatened attacks against US interests in Iraq because of Washington’s support for Israel in the war with Hamas.

On social networking sites, the groups yesterday claimed responsibility for two separate drone attacks on Iraqi bases where US and international coalition forces are stationed.

The first attack was aimed, according to the organizations, at the Ain al-Assad base, in western Iraq, and the second at Al Harir, in the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan (north).

Referring to this latest attack, the anti-terrorist service of Iraqi Kurdistan said that an “armed” drone crashed yesterday in a “desert” area, without causing any injuries.

The US is on alert

About 2,500 US troops and about 1,000 other coalition troops are currently stationed at three Iraqi military bases.

“At this time of heightened vigilance, we are vigilantly monitoring the situation in Iraq and the region,” CENTCOM said Wednesday, assuring that it is ready to “defend” US and international coalition forces “against any threat.”

Until last year, bases hosting international coalition troops were the target of frequent rocket and drone attacks. However, since the summer of 2022, these attacks have subsided, as some stability has returned to Iraq.

In general, there were no claims of responsibility for these attacks. The US blamed organizations close to Tehran.