Lebanon’s army on Thursday night accused Israel of killing a member of a “team of journalists” covering the ongoing hostilities in the south of the country between the latter and Hezbollah and Palestinian organizations.

Lebanon’s Shiite Hezbollah movement, an ally of Hamas, as well as members of various Palestinian organizations, have been exchanging fire on the border with the Israeli army daily since the Palestinian Islamist group launched its attack on Israeli territory on October 7, triggering the ongoing war that has killed thousands .

Yesterday, “a group of seven journalists covering developments (…) near the Israeli enemy’s al-Abad location and the (Lebanese) city of Houla were targeted by Israeli army machine guns, resulting in “one person being killed and another wounded” , the Lebanese army said via Facebook.

The United Nations peacekeeping force in Lebanon (FINUL) also reported earlier that one person was killed when civilians were targeted by cross-border fire.

FINUL, which guards a neutral zone on the Lebanese-Israeli border, said via X (the former Twitter) that the Lebanese army had asked it to help rescue “seven people stranded near” the border during “extensive exchange of fire”. ». A spokesman for the force later confirmed that they were civilians.

“One person lost his life (…) and the others were rescued”, added the force of the blue helmets, clarifying that it asked the Israeli forces to cease fire to “facilitate the rescue operation”.

Lebanon’s national news agency, NNA, earlier reported that Israeli forces “captured” a group of civilians, including journalists, “near the city of Houla” after they “opened fire.”

The civilians were “trapped”, the agency added, before reporting that they were rescued by the Lebanese army.

According to Lebanese media, the group consisted of Iranian journalists. Iranian state television assured that its journalists were “alive and in good health”, without further clarification.

The Israeli military said it was gathering information about the incident.

At least 22 people have been killed in southern Lebanon since the Israel/Hamas war broke out, mostly militants, but also four civilians, including a Reuters news agency cameraman. On the Israeli side of the border, there is talk of three dead.