The Minister of Defence Joab Gallant called Tuesday the Gaza Strip as “mankind’s biggest terrorist base”, and categorically rejected any humanitarian pause before Palestinian terror groups free the more than 240 hostages they are holding.

In a televised statement, Gallant said IDF ground forces have been attacking terror strongholds in Gaza “from all directions, in perfect coordination with sea and air forces.” and “tighten the cord” around Gaza City.

As its leader pointed out Hamas Yahya Shinwar he is “hiding in his hideout and out of touch with his associates,” vowing again to exterminate him. Regarding international requests for humanitarian pauses, Gallant explained that “humanitarian pauses, for me, mean first and foremost the hostages, who are holding animals. There will be no humanitarian ceasefire without [την επιστροφή] of the hostages”.

Yahya Shinwar

Israeli forces have advanced deep into Gaza City “in the heart of Gaza”according to an Israel Defense Forces commander.

“For the first time in decades, the Israeli army is fighting in the heart of Gaza City. In the heart of terrorism,” said Lt. Gen. Yaron Finkelman.

“Every day and every hour our forces are killing gunmen, uncovering tunnels, destroying weapons and continuing towards enemy centers,” said General Finkelman.

According to the latest figures provided by the IDF, more than 14,000 Hamas targets have been hit, while more than 100 tunnels have been destroyed.

For its part, the military wing of Hamas announced that its fighters were causing great losses and damage to advancing Israeli forces.

In locating and destroying Hamas tunnels in the area Beit Hanoun, in Gaza the Israeli army advanced, which is intensifying the major operation for the extermination of the Palestinian organization after the massacre of October 7.

THE The IDF announced that a sufficient number of its tunnels had been located and destroyed Hamas in the area.

Hamas in 2021 claimed to have built a 500km tunnel under Gaza, although it is unclear if this number was accurate. Amid a land, sea and air blockade by Israel and a land blockade by Egypt since 2007, the tunnels are used to transport people and goods and house Hamas command centers.