Six people were killed today by a rocket attack on the city Donetskwhich is under the control of Russian forces, announced the head of the occupied part of the Ukrainian region, Denis Pussin.

“Six people were killed and 11 injured” from the strikes in the center of Donetsk, Pushilin wrote in a post on the Telegram platform. A social service, a medical center and residences were hit in the missile attack, attributed to the Ukrainian armed forces, according to the same source.

Earlier, the Moscow-appointed mayor Alexei Kulemzin had stated that six people were killed when the roof of a building housing a public service collapsed. An “enemy shell” also hit a warehouse in another district of Donetsk city, he added.

Donetsk is one of four Ukrainian regions illegally annexed last year by Russia. The Ukrainian armed forces launched a counter-offensive in June with the aim of liberating the occupied territories, without so far achieving the expected results.