A large-scale operation was carried out in Germany this morning with the aim of locating them of dangerous Islamist nuclei, with connections to Iran in the shadow of the threats against the Jews.

More than 500 police officers and investigators of state security raided 54 buildings across Germany in various institutions and buildings according to Bild.

The biggest operation was carried out in Hamburg, where over 200 police investigated a total of 32 targets. More important is the “Islamic Center of Hamburg” (IZH).

The “Islamic Center Hamburg” is suspected of acting against the constitutional order and of having connections with the Shiite organization Hezbollah. Hezbollah sponsored by Iran, that’s why a ban on Tehran-sponsored clubs is planned.

German Interior Minister Nancy Feiser said the IZH had long been monitored by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution and had been classified as an Islamist organization.

“At a time when many Jews feel particularly threatened,” Germany “will not tolerate either Islamist propaganda or anti-Semitic incitement hostile to Israel,” Feiser said, adding that the police raids targeted the IZH and five affiliated groups.

According to the Federal Service for the Protection of the Constitution IZH was established in 1962 and, along with the Iranian embassy, is the most important agent of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Germany. The activities of the IZH are aimed at spreading Islamic teachings with Shia-Iranian influences in Germany and Europe.

To this end, IZH organizes, among others, regular events such as prayers and lectures, religious celebrations as well as language and other courses. IZH has created a nationwide network of contacts in the numerous Shiite-Islamic mosques and associations.