A French senator was detained today in Parisas he allegedly drugged a deputy in order to sexually assault her, AFP reported citing a source with knowledge of the case and confirming a report by the RMC website.

The prosecution confirmed that he was taken into custody Joel Gerio on suspicion of unknowingly administering to a woman a substance capable of “impairing her judgment or causing her to lose control of her actions in order to commit rape or sexual assault.”

The victim filed a lawsuit saying she was administered the substance Tuesday night into Wednesday.

The 66-year-old Gerio, a banker by profession, is elected to French Senate since 2011. He is currently secretary of the Senate and vice chairman of the Foreign Affairs, Defense and Armed Forces Committee. He is elected in the Loire-Atlantique region of western France and is a member of the centre-right Independents group.

Two sources said the victim is a lawmaker, but prosecutors have not released any details on her identity.

The woman felt unwell after having a drink on the night of Tuesday into Wednesday at the home of the senator, with whom she was not in a romantic relationship. He was tested and found to have consumed “ecstasy”.

Gerio was arrested today and taken into custody. In accordance with RMC his office and home were searched where this narcotic substance was found.